Iveagh Primary School and Nursery Unit

An adventure in learning


At Iveagh we introduce the children to basic French with a progressive scheme introduced from P.4 onwards.

We hope to give all the children a love of the language and confidence to attempt to speak some French.

In addition, we have devised a list of words and phrases commonly used throughout the school (teacher to class instructions, line up times at break, greetings in the playground etc.)

Not all children in a year group are expected to know or be familiar with all words or phrases, but even P1 children will be relaxed about using French to greet or count.

In an attempt to improve the pronunciation of French phrases taught, we have produced this range of audiovisual presentations. We hope to expand this range of resources in the future.

We are very grateful for the assistance of Mr Willy Adam who has provided the authentic French narration on the presentations.


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Teacher to Class Instructions in French

Days of the Week in French

Numbers 1-10 in French

General Greetings in French

Weather in French

Shopping phrases in French

The Banbridge Chronicle - French 'par excellence' at Iveagh PS


 Primary 7 performed 'Les Quatre Amis'.

Our thanks to Mrs McKinney and Monsieur Adam.