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Top 5 Tips to Help Your Child's Attention

Tip 1

Listening rules- use the listening rules – explain to your child about why each is important- here are some visuals to help-

Looking at someone helps you to see extra cues, for example pointing when someone says ‘put your shoes over there’, it also lets the teacher know you are listening.

It is very important to switch your ears on, they are what you listen with!

If you are talking then you won't be able to listen.

If our hands are fidgeting it is, likely we are either making noise which makes hearing more difficult or we are looking at them and this makes looking difficult.

Like our hands being still, sitting well keeps our feet and body still so we are not making noise.

Tip 2  

Visual attention- get child to look at you and visually prompt instructions, using items or gestures to help support language.

e.g. can you get your coat and come back to me? Mime a coat being put on and gesture back to me.


Tip 3 

Auditory attention – ask child to repeat instruction back to you, chunk instructions into manageable sections/stages.

e.g. instead of can you do your homework, then tidy your room then bring me your clothes? Just ask for homework, once finished then ask them to tidy room; finishing one task before starting another.


Tip 4 

Fidgets- for long periods of listening or when waiting, use some easy to carry simple fidgets like- tangle twist, balloon filled with flour, coosh ball, squishy toy- something light and safe to keep hands busy while little ears listen.


Tip 5

Turn taking- play games that encourage turn taking, cards/ Eye Spy/Connect 4 or other board games.