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Strategies to Help with Body Control

Strategy 1

Ensure that children are encouraged to adapt a good posture when doing activities at a desk.

Rather than hunching over a desk (above) it is much better to encourage sitting upright with a straight back (see below).


Strategy 2

It is very difficult to write neatly if you are sitting on a chair, or at a desk which is either too high or too low.  Ensure that the desk and chair combination are matched in height and are appropriate for the height of your child.


Strategy 3

When using a tablet or reading a book, encourage good posture by keeping your back straight, for example, lying on your tummy or sitting upright (see below).

Avoid the sorts of position shown below.


Strategy 4

Games at home.  Incorporate balance and eye hand skills into everyday tasks.  Click on the link below.



Strategy 5

Isometric exercises:

Half Press-Ups (max 10) The child lies face down on the floor and pushes the body up with their arms in the same way as a normal press-up, but keeping the tummy on the floor. Some children may be able to lift the tummy away from the floor and they can be encouraged to do this, if and when they are able. (Some children may not be able to achieve this).




Squats With back against a wall and feet approx. 1 foot out from wall gently lower back against wall until hips and knees are bent and child is in sitting position.  Hold for count of 5 and slowly push back up wall.  Complete a maximum of 10 times.


Shoulder Spirals Rotations (max.4 sequences) The child holds both arms out horizontally to the side and begins to circle them, initially making small circles but gradually getting larger until the circles are as large as possible. This should take about 5 rotations. When the circles have reached full size, change the direction and gradually reduce the circles, again taking about 5 rotations, to get back to the smallest size.


Stretching- link hands together and stretch arms out in front and then up above head.


Prayer hands- place palms together and gently push against each other.


Knee tucks- in sitting raise knee to chest, wrap arms around knee and squeeze, alternate to other leg.